I needed a new mouse, having used a basic Logitech one for yonks, and I was starting to get a sore arm by the end of the day. I've tried the Logitech T650 touchpad before (more for gimmicks than anything else), and while that was nice it was difficult to use under pressure.

So, shopping time! Most of the guys in the office have the Logitech Performance MX, but I had a gift voucher for a local retailer who unfortunately didn't stock that... I checked their website almost weekly for any new stock and was delighted to see the Marathon M705 appear. Seemed like everything I wanted - unifying receiver, contoured grip, custom buttons, wireless, and reasonable money!

Then, I started to read reviews. Oh, Google.

Seems like there was two camps - some people loved the mouse as a more affordable alternative to the Performance MX, and those who absolutely hated the right-justified tracking laser.

After 30 minutes using this mouse, I think I'm in camp two.

The reason the right-justified laser is such a problem is because of the way that most right-handed people use their mouse - pivoting from the wrist. So, a slight movement to the left will move the cursor slightly, but the more you move it, the cursor will move exponentially more. It's weird, you have to try it out to see.

Everything else about the mouse is brilliant - great grip, battery life is excellent (in the 30 minutes I've been using it...), unifying receiver is great. But I'm very glad I kept the receipt as I'll be returning it to swap for the MX Master that was on sale there!

So, if you're looking at buying this mouse, I wouldn't say DON'T DO IT... but try get a demo of the mouse first, see if the shop has one you can plug in and test.

I'll try update this post if/once I've swapped for the MX Master or something else.

UPDATE: Swapped it for a better mouse! Read my review here